Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob  
Art.-No.: 3990 set, car transport + backlight

Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob
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Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob
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    3990   Set of motovehicle transport cars + car with backlights

For the first time we offer a complete set of a train, including 4 green motovehicle transport cars and a fifth car with red backlights. Both types of wagons we already offer separately in our program, the unloaded motovehicle transport car DDm915 of the DB (German Railways) in green of epochs 3 and 4 under art.no. 3004, the same car with built-in backlights under art.no. 3003.

The wagon with backlights is the result of a very successful remodelling since the LEDs are only slightly bigger than the lights of the original. The micro-LEDs in our model directly replace the dummy lamps. To read more about both models 3003 and 3004, look under the relating art.no. in this category.

The intention of this set is to imitate the block trains of the DB (German Railways) for transporting new motor vehicles that were very popular in epochs 3 and 4. After all, wagon 3004 is an already long out-of-stock model only hard to find on the second hand market in this number of pieces. With the 5 wagons on offer here you will get a quite original-like Z gauge train that can be pulled by common locomotives like E94, BR150, E50, or V200. This all works out also thanks to our patent protected current collection for the backlights that almost does not have any rolling resistance. The same combination of wagons can easily be formed with single articles from our program, the only difference is that as a set we can offer it at an unbeatable price. Compared to purchasing everything separately, you will save 15% of the price for the whole block train.

In this context we would like to remind you of the possibility of loading your wagons original-like with excellent motovehicle models as shown in our article "Motovehicle transport and what you can make of it" which can be found under "Tips and tricks".


Price: 129.00 €