Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob  
Art.-No.: 5001 Wheelcleaner for track gage Z

Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob
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Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob
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Usually you clean a model by taking it apart, cleaning it, and putting it back together. But often it is only the running surfaces of the wheels that are dirty. Until now, cleaning them has always meant a lot of fumbling.

We are making this a lot easier with our wheelcleaner. For other track gages, it has already been well-known and approved for a long time. Originally made for another track gage, it has been adapted by us for gage Z tracks. Now you can simply clean the wheels of a locomotive by putting it onto the wheelcleaner - the locomotive gets electricity and the wheels start running on the cleaning bristles.

It is ideal even for heavily soiled wheels, comes ready for use and is very easy to use. But still it does not replace the occasional manual cleaning. Using the wheelcleaner too often can lead to a wearout of the running surfaces.

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Price: 19.80 €

manuals and videoclips:
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