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Art.-No.: 5980 Dry-film lubricant

Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob
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This is a universal lubricant for metal and plastic, commonly also called oil. Besides its use on model trains, it can be employed for many other different purposes. Of course we have it in our program mainly for model train purposes. But whoever has tried it once, is using it on many other things as well: We lubricate all our doors, door locks, hinges, even the children's Lego cogwheels with it.

Why is this product called dry-film lubricant?

It could also be referred to as oil, but the difference is that this lubricant dries in 1-3 days, leaving behind a high quality, well adhering TeflonTM film whose gliding properties far exceed those of common oils. The fact that the material dries and hardly leaves behind any moist surface is a great advantage for model train users and makers, since it does not happen anymore that dirt sticks to the oiled parts as it did before. The film adheres very well to all clean and oil-free surfaces. The lubricant is penetrating, which means it creeps even into the smallest corner. Due to the high rotation speeds predominant in the model train sector, watery materials or oils often simply get flung away. As a result, there is no more lubricating film, the drive parts run dry and wear out fast. Comparing our drive systems to the one of a car, you see that all the parts like crankshaft, gearbox, differential or drive shafts, that run with a high rotation speed and need lubrication are situated in a closed oil- or grease bath. Normally we would also need these closed oil circuits in our model trains, but due to their small size this is hardly possible. So with our dry-film lubricant that counteracts this deficit, we accomplish the first prerequisites for a long operation of our model trains without any breakdowns.

Of course the thin TeflonTM layer also wears off from time to time. So when the gliding properties or the operating characteristics diminish, you should apply the lubricant again. How often this is necessary depends on the load. The lubricant can be used at a temperature range between -20 up to +80 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit up to +176 degrees Fahrenheit).

Of course you just can apply the lubricant on a soiled or dirty drive part. The lubricant will always have some kind of effect. But surely it works best on clean, dry and grease-free surfaces, so it does not replace a thorough cleaning of the models and particularly the drive parts. You can clean your models before and after the application of dry film lubricant with any kind of conventional detergent.

Another good property of the lubricant is that it helps with contact problems of all kind. It is not conductive, so it does not produce any creeping currents, but it prevents oxidations on all the contact sheets. It has proven to be very useful on current collectors that abut on the axles where the current is transmitted mechanically.

The product comes in a 25 ml bottle, closed with a safety cap and a thin spout which has to be pierced with a needle from above before using the lubricant for the first time. Do not cut off the top like it is usually done with glue bottles, because then the cap will not be closing properly anymore. The content of 25 ml lasts for a very long time, so compared to similar products, this dry-film lubricant is quite a bargain.

The lubricant is nearly odourless and can be used for an almost unlimited period of time. Always remember to shake it well before use. Before doing this, do not forget to close the white cap well. A sedimentation of the contents after not having used the lubricant over a longer period of time is normal, they can easily be mixed again by shaking the bottle before use. After shaking it, the lubricant should be cloudy and of a yellow-brown color. We cannot guarantee that stains on clothing or other material can be removed completely. For cleaning tools, clothing, and hands, use common detergents, washing powders, and soap.

The product is interesting for all model builders, for home use in general and for bigger use, e.g. automotive. Especially you should use this bottle to refill our small oilers 5981 and 5982.

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For more information about this product and its use in general, please download the instruction manual.

Price: 8.30 €

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