Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob  
Art.-No.: 6818 5-pol motor, E44, BR144

Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob
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 .... at the momet this motor is not available not from the manufacturer

You can use the motor 6805 from the E94. Problem is, the E44 will run vice versa. This problem will be solved by soldering cables instead of the metals from the pcb to the motor. The right side of the pcb need to be soldered to the left part of the capacitor at the motor and vice versa.

With digitalisation no practical changes are necessary. Instead you need to switch the motor direction by programming in the decoder survey. Then everything will be o.k.

For the DC railroaders, who are not able to solder these parts, please contact us, we can solder these things without taking money for it. We do offer this for solving the problem.

Price: 29.00 €