Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob  
Art.-No.: 3002 Flat car with red backlight

Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob
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Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob
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Hightech Modellbahnen Achim Grob
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This is the well-known flat car Klms 440 of the DB (German Railways). Nowadays the end of the trains is usually lit with one red light sitting either in a specially designed holder or in an insertion device just above the left buffer.

The car comes with our component 7100 "jitter-free backlights micro" and with an LED from our set 7050. It also has built in our self-developed currenct collector. You can read more about this in the instructions that come in a printed version with each of our articles, or you can also download them directly further below.

The LED is so small, that when not lit it is hardly seen. In order to further represent the end of the train, the rear coupler has been omitted. In the near future we will present a special coupler imitation in the form of a cast part that easily can be affixed to the tail-end cars and thus completes the train end. The car with the new lighting component does not weigh more than in its original version since the built-in electronics is not heavier than the weight used before, so the total weight of the model is not higher than before. Thanks to the employment of our new current collector there is almost no frictional resistance, so the use of this wagon hardly impairs the tractive power of the locomotive.

The model comes ready for use. The built-in electronics work with any voltage up to 16 volt. With this voltage value the model is also suitable to be used with digital trains, if the track voltage reliably has been limited to 16 volt. Before using the model with digital trains, please inquire at the manufacturer of your digital distributing center if it is designed according to the mentioned values. The electronics get charged in a few milliseconds and then constantly supply the LED with electricity. When the electricity supply is interrupted, the LED keeps on shining for 2-3 seconds, enough time to bridge any of the usual current fluctuations and disturbances. So as long as there is current on the tracks and the car moving, the light should hardly go out.

Normally these electronics are also shining when the wagon is standing. In digital systems, this is the case when there is always a current on the tracks, in analog systems when you are using our throttles. But since this is a 2-axle model, due to physical reasons it may happen that the car stops at a place where you just have a break in the current supply. When the train is in operation, the break is overcome after a short moment. But when the train is standing, the light will go out after the usual 2-3 seconds. You will find more information about this in the corresponding instructions.

Price: 68.00 €

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